The best faucet (taps) to get free cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dashcoin, Bitcoin Cash) and win online

An excellent method to start collecting free cryptovalute is through the faucets, in practice the free sources of cryptovalute that normally offer only small fractions of the coin. To obtain satochi, litochi or dogecoin free through the taps, you will have to register and solve, at variable intervals, simple captchas. Some best bitcoin faucet will dispense a number of coins by default depending on how much you expect (for example, 10 Satoshi every 10 minutes), while others provide a fixed amount every few minutes.
Personally, I found it very useful to approach the cryptocurrencies and start collecting some changes (you will never get rich through the tap) with the following:

Bitcoin Bonus


Moon Bitcoin

Moon Litecoin

Moon Dogecoin

Moon Dash

Moon Bch

Thie above mentioned sites and many more on nternet are  very useful because it will allow you to keep your accounts in real time and also allows you to change from one currency to another, for example, if the litecoin did not bear fruit you can always convert to Bitcoin, so you can accumulate more coins and then convert them to the one you like the most.
Once the registration is complete, you can start with the 5 taps in question. Let’s see them in detail.

This site simply asks you to wait 15 minutes, solve a captcha to prove that it is not a robot and deliver a sum of up to 5000 satoshi (fractions of bitcoins). The average registered is around 30, and every day you will receive a 5% bonus on daily earnings. You will see everything in your CoinPot wallet.

This site does not require a special action. Once you have logged in with your CoinPot account, you will have to wait three minutes to get some satoshi. The more you wait to collect, the greater the profits, if in the meantime you get bored you can play one of the many games offered by the site (free). The system will continue to generate satoshi for you even in your absence (at a slow pace). To claim your satoshi, simply click on the icon:

Once again, the funds will appear immediately in your CoinPot microwallet.
The following three sites are very similar, differ only in the currency in question, but the operation is exactly the same.

You have to wait at least 5 minutes to ask for your satoshis, which however will continue to increase with time even in your absence. There is a kind of loyalty bonus for those who request at least one payment per day with an increase of 1% for each consecutive day.

The operation and ‘exactly the same as the previous one, except that instead of Satoshi they receive litoshi (fractions of litecoin that can still be converted to Satoshi directly from CoinPot).

Works like the previous two, but your wait will be rewarded with dogecoin. As with the more anticipated precedents, the longer you wait and the greater the gain, but the speed of generation of the coins will gradually decrease (so it is always better to retire often).

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