Concerned About Monsoon Damages? Here’s How Car Insurance Has Got You Covered

Monsoon is the time of relief and as well concerns that need to be addressed. Relief from soaring summer heat and concerns regarding the impact on routine urban life. Waterlogging, floods, and increased traffic are some of the situations that peak during this season. There are high instances of vehicle breakdowns and repairs due to […]


Highlights of The Differences Between Third-Party and Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plans

All bike owners are aware of two-wheeler insurance as compulsory requirement. It is essential to purchase a bike insurance policy for two reasons – one as a safeguard for all damages and liabilities and second as legal compliance as per the Motor Vehicles Act. When it comes to selecting abike insurance plan, there are two […]


Best type of FD to invest in 2021

Fixed deposits (FDs) are a low-risk form of investment that promise attractive interests and assured returns to investors. The rates of interest for senior citizens are higher in an FD, making it the choicest investment for those in the golden years of their life. Investing in FDs is also a good method of portfolio diversification […]