Tyres are the number one thing that we need to keep our economy running. Starting a tyre business is one of those businesses that will sustain you through the good times and the bad. The question most people as is how much real estate would you need in order to start a tyre business?

Well the first thing that you will need to look at is the location where your business will operate. You want to find a location that easily accessible to people and has enough space to handle the type of tyres you want to sell. You will need to have enough space to house tools and equipment to change the tyres as well as enough inventories to service your customers.

What Type of Services Are You Going to Offer?

When looking at real estate for your tyre business you will need to determine what types of services you will offer. Will you just be selling the tyres to your customers or will you be offering others services such as oil changes, tune ups, dent and scratch repair, or other specialized services. Have a look at this tyre business example by clicking here. From there you will need to consider the makes and models your tyre business will handle.

Are you going to work in the commercial industry where you will work on big rigs or will you be working on high end vehicles such as sports cars? Each car that you decide to service will require a different type of tyre and your tyre business needs to be setup to accommodate those needs on a regular basis.

Once you have decided on the type of tyres and vehicles you will be working in in your tyre business you will need to decide on how many vehicles you will want to be working on at one time. To decide this you will need to know how much potential traffic you will receive on a daily basis. You will need to estimate the time in which it will take you to complete a simple tyre job as well as complex jobs.

If you anticipate a lot of traffic then you will need to have a least three bays in order to handle your customers. In addition to these three bays you will need to have a storage area or waiting area for customers dropping off their vehicles for service and also consider how long each job will take to complete.

When deciding on the real estate needed for your tyre business you need to take all of these factors into consideration as well as many more. Once you have these basic information points you will need to consider space for your technicians. Will each technician have their own dedicated bay, office, work area, break area or what? When considering real estate for your tyre business you will want to consider the space needed for merchandise. Having merchandise in your tyre business is essential to its growth and success.

Real estate for these products should be at a premium. These products should be items such as tools, cleaning supplies, patch kits, training manuals, rags, hub caps and anything and everything that will appeal to the clientele you want to service. For example is you are servicing the average consumer you will want to have standard items such as air fresheners, steering wheel covers, waxes and polishes, fuzzy dice to hang from the rear view mirror and much more.

If you decide to offer merchandise to the higher end consumer you will want to have space to hold rims, name brand tyres, luxury items that cost and will give a higher status symbol to the car owner.

Once you have considered the real estate for these items you will want to consider the comfort of your customers as they wait. Will you have a waiting area with a television, couch, chairs, vending machine, chairs or other recreation? How long will your customers be waiting to be serviced and will they be waiting around for their vehicle?

When considering the real estate needed for your tyre business these are just some of the factors that you need to take into consideration. Once you get started planning out your tyre business the real estate requirements will be clear. Isuggest going to other tyre companies in your area and see what they are using for their requirements. Finding that real estate tyre business sweet spot will not only keep your customers happy but keep your profits up and your costs down.

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