How Long does Ecopayz take to Verify Account


One of the significant terms for people in different countries especially for businessmen is easy transferring money to different regions and countries. In the last two decades, Ecopayz made an evolution in the sphere of payment services and with the creation of instant and safe payment services, became popular and found so many users. Ecopayz made so many different possibilities and choices for users for easy creating accounts and supporting processes. Users are following every feature of Ecopayz that will allow them with confidence and in a safe online environment, make their financial activities. This short article’s goal is to help the Ecopayz Users, or any reader that is interested, to more easily understand the Verification process and how long it will take for Users to be verified. 

Ecopayz Verification 

In this process, Ecopayz for the comfort of their users arranged two different possibilities for account verification. The main and necessary requirements for the verification process, connect to access of the user to their own documents; Should be said that for sure the platform is so secure for sharing the private information of users to the Ecopayz system. These documents consist of proof of identities and proof of address; Ecopayz required a selfie picture of each user so it can help the platform to make the atmosphere more safe and secure than before.   

Nevertheless, Ecopayz built two different paths for users to share their documents easily and get verification; One path is from the user’s account, there is a special option called “Verify your identity” that allows users to upload their document and submit it from their own account. The other way that can be more challenging for users is to send an email with all requirements documents for Verification, to [email protected] email address. For sure if the quality of the documents will be high the process of verification will end sooner; However, the Ecopayz made a special agreement to all users to speed up the process and verify the users in one business day. According to Ecopayz, in one business day, the user account not just will verify but also can upgrade to Gold VIP status. Reed full Ecopayz  review on


Every day we can see new possibilities in online platforms that make our life easier. However, because these platforms and services became popular, automatically the competition between different companies and services increased. Meantime, Ecopayz successfully continuing working in this sphere and after two decades still trying to improve its options for all users; The Ecopayz Mastercard or the speeding up the process of account verification to one business day, are some of the best examples that show Ecopayz think about their users. Definitely, there are so many improvements that need to be done but still Ecopayz is counted as one of the safest and secure online platforms for today’s users.

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